Glow Juicery + The Recovery Studio + Mindsight Consulting

Melanie Dufour, Owner of Glow Juicery and The Recovery Studio, has been creating a seamless environment of Intelligent Recovery. It’s a place that feeds the whole person physically, mentally and spiritually. Encompassing a variety of healing equipment and modalities, it’s a comprehensive experience for persons who wish to raise their health and wellness to an optimum level.

Mind-Body-Soul Intelligent Recovery

We are thrilled to offer you a comprehensive Intelligent Recovery approach to your wellness with the following 3 remarkable levels of healing! You may choose each level separately, or check our fantastic wellness packages at: https://therecoverystudio.ca/shop/ 

1. Glow Juicery PEI: a juice bar and raw food café that feeds your body and mind with nutrient-dense food and drinks, providing high-octane fuel for all your energy requirements! Here you’ll find raw, plant-based cold-pressed juices, superfood smoothies, Build-Your-Own salad bowls, and energizing fuel bars. Energize your body, boost your immunity, and restore your health to its peak condition. Food is medicine. Food is fuel.  www.glowjuicery.ca

2. The Recovery Studio: under the same roof as Glow Juicery PEI, you’ll discover a peaceful environment that caters specifically to physically tired, mentally overwhelmed and/or stressed, busy persons. Your wellness & healing are supported with revolutionary technology such as flotation therapy, cocoon wellness pro, infrared light sauna blanket, rapid reboot compression therapy, Venom back and binaural meditations that transport you into a state of tranquility. By practicing the pause in The Recovery Studio from your busy lifestyle, you’ll be rejuvenated and able to gain the balance in your life.

Release – Recover – Reset. Book your appointment on-line today! 

3. Mindsight Consulting: Melanie is a certified Proctor Gallagher mindset + self development consultant, personally coached by Bob Proctor. She facilitates the Thinking into Results 24-week program, created by Bob and his business partner Sandy Gallagher. This personal or corporate program can run for either 12, 24 or 52 weeks.  She uses Zoom on-line training to coach other people with a combination of this Mindsight Consulting and her own life experiences. One on one sessions are also available. Are you ready to take your wellness to the next level? 

Email mel@therecoverystudio.ca to book a free discovery call or meeting!

If you’ve read self-help books or taken courses before, but you haven’t gotten the results you expected, it’s not your fault. Most “gurus” tell you WHAT to do, but they don’t tell you HOW to do it. Click the link below to join Bob Proctor for a free extraordinary LIVE stream event where he will do just that! 

In this value-filled webinar, Bob shares HOW to earn a bigger income, ‘income’ simply being a term he uses to talk about overall wealth. This presentation is for any area of your life you may be struggling with and not getting the results you want: 

health: mental – emotional – physical, wellbeing, wealth, relationships (with yourself and others), productivity, career, business, financial.

My suggestion to you is that you watch this webinar several times, and really listen to it, LISTEN TO UNDERSTAND what he is teaching. If this resonates with you, let’s chat about what YOU WANT!! 

We are entering a new decade. Times are changing, are you?

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Self-care is health care. Food is medicine. Food is fuel.

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