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The Recovery Studio offers several healing options to help heal and cleanse your body.


(Sensory deprived isolation tank)

The I-sopod float tank, also known as a sensory deprivation tank creates an environment free of distractions, enabling the body to truly relax. In this deepened relaxed state, the body’s natural abilities to heal, focus, and harness creativity are heightened. This makes floating a powerful learning tool for students, artists, professionals or anyone looking to get the most out of their profession.

Floatation therapy is very beneficial on many levels whether it is for relaxation, pain management, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and even jet lag. These benefits include deep relaxation, meditation, stress relief, pain relief, visualizing techniques and accelerated recovery from injury. 

Doctors and psychologists are now frequently prescribing floats to their clients. 

Our floatation tank contains 8-10 inches of super-saturated salt solution, creating an environment similar to the Dead Sea which enables you to float effortlessly on the surface. Each tank has approximately 1200lbs of Epsom salt. The water is heated to skin temperature, so that it’s virtually impossible to distinguish between parts of the body that are in contact with the water, and those that aren’t, in effect ‘fooling’ the brain into believing that the person is floating in mid-air. 

Floating in this way allows the user to escape the forces of gravity, relaxing the muscles and releasing tension. These tanks, pods, or chambers are intended to help users achieve certain mental and physical benefits through the elimination (or minimization) of sensory inputs. 

Each appointment time is 60 or 90 minutes which includes the client’s pre and post float showers. This will allow for almost 45-50 or 70-80 minutes of float time and the cost of a session is $65 + hst. Between each appointment, the float tanks go through a rigorous filtration system making certain that each tank is completely clean and hygienic.


(Pneumatic therapy)

The Rapid Reboot Compression Recovery System helps maximize recovery for both athletes and non-athletes. 

Similar to the Game Ready, the system uses sequential pulse technology, but without the cold and heat added therapies. Rapid Reboot synergistically combines three distinct massage techniques to speed the body’s normal recovery process: pulsing compression, gradients, and distal release. 

Through these mechanisms, the Rapid Reboot Recovery System maximizes circulation throughout the body to help you feel better, train harder, and recover faster.

The system mimics massaging pressure, reducing tenderness and alleviating soreness. 

Benefits of Compression Therapy include increased flexibility, given the gentle compressing that relaxes muscle and connective tissue, allowing for increased range of motion. The sequential pressure facilitates better movement of blood and lymphatic fluid, therefore allowing for better blood flow, and reduced soreness.

Helpful Tips for Compression Therapy: Wear tighter/more fitting comfortable clothing, ie, leggings (jeans not recommended) and bring your own headphones to listen to guided meditations.


(Infared wellness)

The American Institute of Stress estimates that 75 to 90% of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress-related problems. Therefore, taking the time to relax in the soothing infrared rays can help promote overall health and wellness.

Scientific evidence also shows that immersive infrared thermotherapy as from the Cocoon Wellness Pro helps maintain healthy levels of cortisol which is known to raise the heart rate and blood pressure among a variety of amazing benefits to the body.

  • Burns calories
  • Reduces cellulite 
  • Relieves pain
  • Relaxes the body
  • Rejuvenates the skin
  • Detoxifies the body

Helpful Tips for Infrared Light Therapies: Wear loose-fitting clothing to appointment for an easier experience post-session and please bring your own headphones to listen to guided meditations. 


Meditate like you never have before!

These guided meditations are recorded using multi-sensory binaural technology and language patterns, providing gentle relaxation messages to both your mind and body simultaneously. The integrated layers of background music lull you into a cocoon of tranquility and profound relaxation.

The healing words and music on these recordings are lovingly created to connect first with your mind (stillness), then your body (relaxation response) and finally with your spirit (internal centre of creativity and joy).  Scientific research indicates that repeatedly listening to uplifting messages transforms or re-wires our brains into thinking more positive thoughts, strengthening our emotional health, boosting our immune system, truly empowering our lives on so many levels!

Practice the Pause…pause…relax…rejuvenate… you can do it now!

  • Strengthen emotional wellbeing
  • Clearly focus your mind
  • Increase creativity
  • Relax your body
  • Process weight loss gently
  • Experience calmness



Using the unique penetrating power of the body, it can absorb far infrared rays. When these rays penetrates the skin, the deep thermal effects of the subcutaneous tissue cause blood vessels and capillaries to dilate, thus promoting better blood circulation and helping to get rid of body toxins and metabolic waste.⠀

This heat sauna blanket has three independent heating areas: upper body, waist and lower body, which you can select individually, the temperature is adjustable from 86-158 degrees Fahrenheit and up to 45 minute timer. In addition to detoxifying your body and losing weight, TTLIFE digital far infrared (FIR) hot sauna blankets can also relax your muscles, relieve pain, strengthen muscle nutrition, reduce heart damage, and even clear up cellulite.⠀

Benefits include:

  • Weight Release
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Pain relief⠀
  • Relaxation⠀
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Detoxification

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